On the way to work this morning, I was listening to the business breakfast on Dubai Eye and they were talking about how frustrating telephone banking is with its automated responses rather than personal interaction with an online operator.

It’s an interesting topic as I’m sure most of us when we have a problem or a simple question to ask we’d much rather speak to someone individually rather than a machine?

In my own business and what seems to be far more common now, however, is the reluctance to how a conversation and an over-reliance on either email and What’s app? More and more we are seeing an increase of people wanting to send direct messages over Whats app to communicate there need or to enquiry about a job, so much so it seems to be replaced in some extent emails, why is this?

Is it possible people like to see that blue tick to show you’ve received and read their message, is it possible people are so attached to their mobile devices now that just far more convenient and less time consuming for them? Or the fact when you send an email you may not get a response back in the time required or it’s simply ignored?

Will we see emails slowing declining and all communication being done through new communication channels altogether or worse we simply will not talk to each other?


Our focus for our business is true client engagement, building good strong working relationships that are the foundation for any good business. We still believe in the art of communication and how good it is to have a chat over a coffee, yes there is a place for emails and whats app, etc but please don’t let it replace good old fashion human interaction.

Finally, I will leave you with this, Next time you are in a lift, just take a moment to look around you and see how many people are on their phones rather than looking at the person next to them, I would safely guess around 90% of them. I’m not saying you should have a conversation with strangers in a lift but is human interaction is slowly dying?